Tiger Woods Embraces Girlfriend Erica Herman After Winning PGA Tour Championship

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman
Getty Images

As Tiger Woods secured his first win in five years, girlfriend Erica Herman was by his side, ready with a kiss.

“How about that? … I love you,” Woods, 42, was heard telling Herman after he nabbed the Tour Championship title Sunday, his 80th PGA victory. 

Herman, 33, and Woods have been dating for more than a year. She was formally the general manager of a restaurant he owns in Jupiter, Florida, and has been seen with him at a variety of sporting events. 

Herman was even along with Woods as he pleaded guilty last year to a reckless driving charge after cops found him barefoot and asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes.

Sunday's victory was a long time coming for Woods, who fought his way back to the top after some rough years. 

“It’s been tough,” Woods said Sunday. “I’ve had a not-so-easy last couple of years and I’ve worked my way back and … it’s just hard to believe I’ve won the Tour Championship.”


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