Tips on How to Nail Your First Day on the Job

Mel Robbins is giving out tips to make sure yours is successful. 

Everyone can relate to the first-day-on-the-job jitters, and Mel Robbins is giving out tips to make sure yours is successful. 

Robbins, the host of the nationally syndicated "The Mel Robbins Show"  and career expert, said it breaks down to one thing: “Are you making your boss’s life easier?

Robbins gave some pointers on what to do to maximize not just your first day but your overall transition into a new position.

Ask your boss what they need

She recommends asking a series of questions, such as: “What can I do in the next 30 days that will make your life easier? What do you wish the person that had had this role before me did that they weren't doing?"

She urges people to take that information and forge a golden path forward for themselves.

Send a weekly report of your accomplishments 

“The number one habit you need to adopt is at the end of every week, send an email to the person you report to summarizing everything that you did,” Robbins said.

She suggested that the task almost guarantees a promotion as it makes your boss’s life easier and keeps them updated on what you are doing and how you are adding to the company. 

Be present in meetings 

“Meetings are the most visible place for you at work. Don't ever go into a meeting, put your head down, and just transcribe what's going on,” Robbins said. 

She added that even if you’re an introvert, you should push yourself to speak up in meetings where you can be seen and heard. “Sit up, you put your shoulders back, and you push yourself,” Robbins said. 

Be supportive of your teammates in the office 

This one is self-explanatory, but everyone likes a positive work environment and to feel as though they are a part of something.

“In order to make good relationships with your peers, you only need to know one thing. I call it be a fan. Everybody wants to know that they matter,” Robbins said. “Your star will rise the more you cheer for your colleagues.”