Tips for What You Can and Can't Pack in Your Carry-On Luggage This Holiday Season

You can bring gifts in your carry-on, but make sure they aren't wrapped.

A record 112 million Americans will travel by road, air or rail between Thursday and the end of the year

From Dec. 20 to Dec. 22 are the three busiest travel days of the year thanks to Christmas and New Year's. 

Traveling now is up a record breaking 5 to 6 percent compared to 2017, according to Gary Renfrow, director of federal security at Philadelphia International Airport.

He told Inside Edition the rules of travel are not being relaxed this holiday season and advised travelers to pay close attention to carry-on rules in particular. 

“Any liquids you pack must be in containers this size or smaller and be placed inside a quart-sized bag,” he said.

If you bought a bottle of wine or eggnog, you won't be allowed past security. Canned goods are also not permitted. 

You can take gifts in your carry-on luggage, but don’t wrap them. “We might just have to open them and that might be upsetting,” Renfrow said. 

Snow globes will not be allowed through if they are bigger than a tennis ball. 

When in doubt, consult the TSA app, where you can type in anything you want and it will tell you what is and is not permitted.