Today on Inside Edition: Man Drinks Soup From Buffet Ladle; Teen Dresses as 'Tired Mom' for Halloween

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After a stomach-churning video showed a man sipping from a soup ladle at a Chicago grocery store, how can you be sure a buffet is safe to visit?

On today's show, Inside Edition asked a food safety expert for tips on what customers should be looking for and how to avoid germs.

Another incredible video shows a man risking his life to jump into the ocean to save a humpback whale tangled in a net.

"If we wanted the whale to survive we had to go get it," Nicholas Taron, who recorded the video, told Inside Edition.

In other animal news, a Mandarin duck, usually found in Japan or China, has moved into New York City's Central Park, and people are flocking to get a glimpse. Inside Edition dives into the mystery of how it ended up here.

And a 13-year-old girl who dressed as her tired mom – complete with Cheerios in her messy hair and a doll clinging to her leg – might have won Halloween! Even her mom, who has nine children, was impressed. She shared her reaction with Inside Edition.

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