Toddler Born With Backward Legs Can Now Walk

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After a life-changing surgery, a toddler born with both of her legs backward can now walk. 

Victoria Komada, 3, suffered from bilateral tibial hemimelia — a birth defect causing children to have deformed legs and missing bones.

“She was in a lot of pain all day and all night. We had all had enough. It was really horrible,” her mother, Marzena Drusewicz, told SWNS. 

Polish doctors thought the only option was to amputate both of Victoria’s legs, until her parents found a doctor in America who said he could help. He said she’d be able to walk again.

His plan was to fix Victoria's left leg and amputate her right leg, but she’d be able to walk with a prosthetic.

Kind strangers from the family’s home country donated more than $200,000 for the surgery.

Victoria and her family flew to Paley Institute in Florida and underwent surgery last July. Now, nine months later, she’s running and even playing sports.

“We were so happy when she took her first steps, we started crying. We were on the way to the car and she said ‘Mommy, can I show you something?” Drusewicz said. 

The parents said she healed more each week even after some tough moments following the operation. The family returned to their home in England in April. 

“We can all start our life again. Now we are home,” Drusewicz said.


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