Toddler Brothers, 1 and 3, Die After Climbing into Hot Car

Ellison Memorial Funeral Home

The family members of two toddler boys who died in a hot car in Alabama built two crosses in front of their home in remembrance of them. 

The young brothers, ages 1 and 3, climbed into a car and accidentally locked themselves in over the weekend. They were trapped for more than an hour. The family told authorities they thought the boys were playing in their rooms.

The boys were reported missing to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department on Saturday and shortly after arriving police found Daniel Garcia and Ivan Salazar Jr in a car parked at the home. Authorities said temperatures in the vehicle they were found in exceeded 130 degrees.

The brothers were rushed to Shelby Baptist Medical Center, but they later died.

'Our hearts and prayers are with the family of those two little boys during this unimaginable tragedy,' Sheriff John Samaniego said in a press release.

Authorities are still investigating the deaths, but the coroner said their deaths were consistent with Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke. A double funeral will be held for the boys on August 22.

The boys were reportedly the 16th and 17th children to die in a hot car this year.


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