Toddler Deemed ‘Not Compatible With Life’ Approaching Third Birthday

Helianny's family is now looking into getting her life-changing surgeries.

Defying all odds, baby Helianny is about to surpass another milestone.

The little girl has eyes that are not fully formed, tiny nostrils instead of a nose, fluid build-up in her brain, a cleft lip, clubbed feet and no fingers on one of her hands.

In fact, doctors advised her parents to terminate the pregnancy after a four-month scan, saying that if they didn’t, she would die shortly after birth.

But Helianny is now getting ready to celebrate her third birthday with the supports of loving family members.

"I decided to give her a chance to live," her mom, Soleannys Lugos, 24 of San Cristobal, Venezuela, told Caters News. "I loved her with all my soul and heart."

Lugos said her determination to give Helianny a chance came when doctors said she would always be in a vegetative state.

“I assured them she was not, because she kicked me [in the womb],” Lugos said. “When I talked to her, she responded with kicks and she liked instrumental music. She moved a lot with all of this."

Although doctors classified her as “not compatible with life,” and would likely die before birth or shortly after, Helianny was born at 39 weeks through cesarean section. She not only survived the night, but the first several days.

Days turned to months, and now Helianny is approaching her third birthday.

“My Helianny is a warrior,” she said. “I do not regret having her and I love her so much that if I had to remake the decision, I would do it all over again.”

While her most prominent disability is her hydrocephaly, which affects the formation of her brain and causes her to have huge veins coming out of her head, her friends come to her defense, telling the world that Helianny is “beautiful.”

Through a friend in Miami, Fla., the family is fundraising so Helianny can undergo surgeries that will change her life.

"I dream of seeing Helianny walk, talk and be as independent as possible so that her only limitation is what she limits herself to," Lugos said. “I consider my little girl a true warrior of life, a fighter. A winner in all of the battles that she has had to fight."