Toddler With Cerebral Palsy Wins Halloween as Carl From 'Up'

Brantley was dressing for Halloween for the first time.
Brittany Morse

It was Brantley Morse's first time dressing up for Halloween.

A 2-year-old with cerebral palsy is already winning at Halloween with a photo of him dressed up as Carl from the hit movie “Up.”

Brantley Morse’s mom, Brittany Morse, who lives in Ohio, dressed Brantley in a sweater and bow tie, accompanied by the signature balloons from the movie.

“He absolutely loved it!” Morse told “I mean the pictures say it all. He was a complete goofball when we got him dressed in his costume, plus, I think he really loves all the attention and people going crazy over him.”

It was Brantley's first time dressing up for the holiday, and his mom said she hopes it helps people understand the importance of inclusion.

“Although Brantley struggles with disabilities, he makes the best of every single day, including Halloween,” Morse said. “We wanted to do something that would incorporate Brantley’s medical equipment, while spreading hope and positivity to anyone and everyone, especially those with special needs or disabilities.”

And of course Morse said it didn’t hurt that Brantley “looks like a little old man.”

When Brantley was born, doctors told the family he may not survive. They said he would need surgery at just a few weeks old, and even then there was only a 50% chance at life. He beat the odds, though, and was eventually discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit at 9 months old.

The mom said she didn’t expect Brantley’s photo to go viral, but she’s happy she had a chance to share her son with others.
“Most of all, we want the world to know that miracles do exist and our son is living proof. Don’t ever, ever lose faith,” Morse added.