Tonya Harding Gushes About Son, Husband as She Leaves Skating Scandal Behind Her

She met her third and current husband at a karaoke bar.

As I, Tonya is set to land in select theaters this weekend, Inside Edition is taking a look back at a 2012 interview with the disgraced figure skater, in which she shares her new life away from the limelight. 

Harding and her husband, Joe Price, seemed happy and very much in love as they described their relationship. 

“She's kind, she loving, she's a little rough around the edges," Price said. "She's a redneck, but she's my redneck."

Harding is portrayed by Australian actress Margot Robbie in I, Tonya, which reflects that rough-around-the edges lifestyle that led her to figure skating stardom before it all came crashing down. The film is a "warts-and-all" portrayal of her story, although it's not unsympathetic.

Harding has a 6-year-old son, Gordon Price. Her eyes flooded with tears as she told Inside Edition about the happiness he has brought to her life.

She called her son "the most wonderful thing in the world," adding that she "couldn't imagine my world without him." 

Before she was a mom, her life was brimming with drama and notoriety.

She is best remembered for her connection to the shocking 1994 clubbing of Olympic rival Nancy Kerrigan, one month before the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. 

Harding denied involvement, but she is forever linked with the attack.

She said she is not worried about telling her son what happened in her past because "my son will know who his mom is and who his dad is when the time is right." She said she does not dread the day she has to tell her son the story, asking, "Why should I?"

Price, who installs air conditioning, is her third husband.

Harding’s first husband, Jeff Gillooly, was the mastermind in the Kerrigan attack. He's played by Sebastian Stan in the movie.

Harding’s second marriage to IT worker Michael Smith was over after less than a year.

Harding met her current husband in a karaoke bar, and they got married in 2010. A year later, their son was born.