'Too Hot Too Handle' Cast Shares 4 Updates Since They Wrapped Shooting for the Netflix Hit

Spoiler Alert: Some of the cast members are still dating.

America is revving up for the reunion of Netflix’s “Too Hot Too Handle.” The unique dating show didn’t allow its participants to have any physical contact outside of hugging, lest everyone would have to pay a steep price from their $100,000 money pot.

The show, shot in a beach house in Mexico, was geared toward teaching some of the “hottest people in the world” to create deeper relationships. Lana, the show’s omnipresent, robot chaperone, was always watching.

InsideEdition.com caught up with some of the guests, who are all quarantined due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and they revealed some details on where they are now.

Here’s four things you may not know. Warning: spoilers abound! 

Rhonda and Sharron aren’t together, but the mom has a new secret beau.

This pair definitely had one of the bumpiest rides on the show, as Sharron Townsend, 26, didn't  know if he’d be able to commit and open up. In the end, he did, and he and Rhonda Paul, 28, formed a relationship they hoped would last, despite living in different states. Sharron even met Rhonda’s son through FaceTime while on the show. Although they’re not together due to distance and life getting in the way, Rhonda said the show was a great experience for the both of them. 

“No, we are not together. But, look, you guys should still be super happy for us still because we both have come a long way, especially him,” she said. 

Rhonda said she's dating someone new, and said she’s happy.

“He is amazing. My king is amazing. He is an entrepreneur,” she told InsideEdition.com. "He owns his own app company. He's been supporting me through this whole journey, helping me build myself up and everything that I have to do.”

Matt, better known as "Jesus," is still on the market.

Matt Smith, 29, who was nicknamed "Jesus" on the show, sadly didn’t make any love connections and decided to leave early, a decision he said he doesn’t regret. He said he knew he time was up.

"I had fulfilled the requirements. I hadn't broken any rules. I had grown within myself. And there wasn't any romantic relationships,” Matt told InsideEdition.com. “So I wasn't going to be challenged any more than I already had been.”

He's still single and hoping for a relationship in the future. 

Francesca and Harry are still together.

One of the shows most “hated” couples from the start because of their propensity to lose money from the pot, Francesca Farago, 26, and Harry Jowsey, 22, are in a relationship. Although they are dating long distance, with Francesca in Canada and Harry having since moved to the U.S. from New Zealand, the two seem to be going strong. The pair admitted they took a little break from their relationship after the show, but are now back together. They’ve even started a YouTube channel.

Of her time on the show and her budding relationship, Francesca thinks the show’s plot twist may have helped her relationship last.d after they spent a few days in a hotel in Mexico once the show was over. Bryce told InsideEdition.com the pair are "keeping it chill and low-key" and seeing where it goes. 

"I think that not being able to get physical with someone makes your connection with them stronger because you have to find other ways to show affection,” Francesca told Esquire. “I don't know if it would necessarily have been that strong if it was more of just a physical thing.”

Bryce and Nicole are now dating casually long distance. 

If you watched the show, you probably didn’t see this one coming. Producers on the show added new people into the mix throughout the season, and Bryce Hirschberg was one of those late additions. Initially he had his eyes on Chloe, but Chloe’s gaze was elsewhere. 

But Bryce and Nicole O’Brien have revealed that they’ve been casually long-distance dating, with Bryce in Los Angeles and Nicole in London. Although they can’t see each other due to the quarantine, they’ve said they are keeping in touch with each other through FaceTime.

If you’re wondering how that happened, the cast said they bonde

“She is such a great friend and we have a little bit of something still. Of course, now she's in Ireland and we can't see each other because of this. So, we'll see where it goes,” he said.