Tourists Stranded in Mexico After the Season's Final Flight Is Canceled

The 250 passengers were left to fend for themselves after Sun Country Airlines canceled the flight due a snowstorm in Minnesota.

Some 250 American tourists were stranded in Mexico after the last flights back to the U.S. were canceled.

The regional airline Sun Country stopped its service to Minnesota because of Saturday's big snowstorm. Passengers say they received emails from the carrier that said, "You will need to make arrangements on another airline for your return flight."

Marni Dunning, her husband and their two children found themselves stuck near Cancun with no way home.

"We had no idea when we were leaving, how we were leaving, what plan we were getting on. So that was kind of scary," the mother told Inside Edition.

The family had to spend another two days in Mexico and it cost them a lot of money, Marni said.

"To get home with flights, rental car, hotel, taxi cabs, all of that, we're probably in well over $2,000 at this point," she said. A rep for the carrier said the families would be reimbursed for all travel costs.

The airline's flights to Mexico are seasonal only. They ended Saturday.

Travel expert Bobby Laurie says it is important to read the fine print on your airline ticket.

"In their contract of carriage, which every passenger agrees to when they buy a ticket on any airline, they specifically say, 'Sun Country airlines will cancel reservations of any passenger/as necessitated by weather and other conditions beyond Sun Country Airline's control,'" Laurie said.

"So they had full right to cancel their tickets and issue them a refund," he added.