Trauma Team at Dayton Hospital Had Never Seen So Many Casualties at Once

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Doctors and nurses at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, rushed into action early Sunday morning as shooting victims poured in. 

"It was pretty surreal to see some the first casualties coming in," one member of the trauma team told Inside Edition. "... Blood all over them and walking in, not a sight we usually see."

Connor Betts, 24, killed nine people in just 30 seconds before he was taken down by police himself when he opened fire in Dayton's busy entertainment district. 

The first word of casualties came from a doctor who happened to be at the scene on his night off. Miami Valley Hospital received 17 patients from the massacre, with the first one arriving just six minutes after being shot. 

Police "did an amazing job," another team member added, acting so quickly to bring the injured for treatment. "They were literally bringing them in, two and three at a time in each car, getting them to us," she said. "Our team, we were pulling them in and letting that cop car go back out to the scene to bring in more."

Some of the patients couldn't understand what was happening to them. "There was this one girl who kept asking, 'Why did this happen to me and what did I do to deserve this?'" a third team member said.

It was the prompt medical attention at the scene that truly saved lives, with officers tying off bleeding wounds. 

"The care that they provided in such a short time was limb-saving and lifesaving," added a fourth team member.

A person can die from blood loss in just five minutes. Stopping a bleed can save a life if care is provided immediately, even from a bystander. 

You can learn more about how to help someone suffering from blood loss here


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