Trump Attacks New York City Black Lives Matter Mural Outside Trump Tower

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Before leaving for Florida, President Donald Trump vented his outrage that a "Black Lives Matter" mural was painted right outside Trump Tower.  "All merchants along Fifth Avenue are furious," Trump said in an interview with Sean Hannity. "They are furious. The whole city is furious."

He told Hannity he's especially upset at video of Mayor Bill de Blasio gleefully helping with the painting.

"I spoke to him many times," Trump said. "He couldn't have been nicer. Then he throws a big Black Lives Matter sign right down the middle of Fifth Avenue!"

The president also revealed he recently took a cognitive test at Walter Reed Hospital, and challenged Joe Biden to take one.

"I aced it," Trump said. "I aced the test and he should take the same exact test. A very standard test. He didn't take a cognitive test because he couldn't pass one."

This test Trump took is reportedly the one designed to detect early signs of Alzheimer's.


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