Trump's Grandkids Show Off Their Law Enforcement, Military-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Three of Trump Jr.'s five kids have already gotten into the Halloween spirit.

Members of the Trump clan have gotten into the Halloween spirit as Donald Trump Jr.’s children dressed up as their favorite law enforcement and military personnel. 

The youngest children of Trump’s eldest son and his wife, Vanessa — Spencer, Tristan and Chloe — all donned costumes this weekend in preparation for some trick or treating. 

Spencer, 5, and Tristan, 6, saluted the camera wearing camouflage army fatigues topped with a helmet. Their sister, Chloe, 3, was dressed as a police officer. 

The images were posted by their parents on social media. 

Vanessa posted the images on Twitter Thursday with the caption: “My kiddies are getting into the 2017 Halloween spirit.” 

Their father posted the image on Instagram Saturday, with the caption:  “Kids have their costumes ready. So cute and it’s nice to see they respect law enforcement and the military already. See how easy that is?!?! #halloween #costume #kids”

While three of his five kids are Halloween ready, Donald Trump Jr. is still trying to figure out what he is going to do for Halloween. 
On Sunday, he posted an image of himself in a costume shop trying to decide between two wigs. 

Earlier this month, Donald Trump Jr. and his daughter tried to get a head start on the holiday as Chloe and her father tried on a mask that resembled his father, President Trump. 

 Chloe also tried on a mask of her grandpa last month in a costume shop.