TV News Anchor Accuses Kevin Spacey of Sexually Assaulting Her Son

Heather Unruh says her 18-year-old son was shocked after he was groped by the 'House of Cards' star.

Former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh says her son was sexually assaulted by actor Kevin Spacey when the boy was 18.

In a press conference Wednesday, the mother said her son was traumatized by the alleged event that occurred last year in a restaurant on Nantucket island.

"He stuck his hand in his pants and touched his genitals," Unruh said.

She said her son acknowledged lying about his age and illegally drinking in the Club Star restaurant, but "Spacey had no right to sexually assault him, there was no consent."

The teen was shocked, his mother said, and he didn't know what to do.

When the actor went to the restroom, a woman approached her shaken son and told him to run, she said.

"He did, all the way to his grandmother's house."

Unruh said her son woke up his sister and both telephoned her.

The mother was joined Wednesday by attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who specializes in sexual abuse cases and represented victims of clergy sexual abuse depicted in the Oscar-winning film Spotlight.

"It is well within the civil statute of limitations and also within the criminal statute of limitations," the lawyer said, adding that his firm is researching the case. 

Unruh said her son did not initially report the alleged attack to police, but did file a formal complaint last week after hearing other victims speak out.

"I was really emboldened by the victims in the Harvey Weinstein case," she said. "They were astonishingly brave women. It sparked a lot of conversation within our household."