Two Men Find Corpse Inside Trunk of ‘Free’ Car in Mississippi

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The car had a sign on it that said it was "free," and two men got more than they bargained for when they opened the trunk.

Two Mississippi men found a dead body inside the trunk of a car that had a “free car” sign on it, the keys inside the vehicle and left on the side of the road, New York Post reported.

The corpse of Anthony McCrillis, 34, who has been missing since Friday was discovered after the two men drove the car from Byram, where it was found, to Copiah County Sunday morning, WLBT reported.

After the men found the unbound nude body, they called 911 immediately, reports said.

"There was a sign across the front of it that said, 'free car,'" Copiah County Coroner Ellis Stuart told People. "They decided to give it a try. They got in it and the key worked and they drove it to Copiah County to some property that was owned by one of the gentleman's grandparents. When they got down in the area they started looking around in the car and found in the trunk area there was a body that had been there for at least 24 hours."

The car was registered to McCrillis, who was last seen in the Byram area Friday night around 9 p.m, People reported.

The car was spotted early Saturday morning and had been there since at least 6 that evening, according to police. McCrillis was identified by tattoos on his body.

“He was identified through his tattoos and confirmed through his immediate family of his identity,” Byram Police Chief David Errington told WLBT.

Errington said McCrillis was last seen alive Friday night, the night when he went missing.

“We do know that our victim was alive at 9 p.m. on Friday night,” he said. “He was seen on a home surveillance video.”

It's still unclear how McCrillis died but the coroner told People "there are no visible signs of trauma as far as a gunshot or a stabbing.”

His body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy.

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