2 Women Sneak Into Chinese Restaurant After Hours and Try to Make a Meal, Video Shows

Surveillance video from the unusual break-in shows the women casually making conversation in the restaurant. Inside Edition spoke with the owner.

Surveillance video from an unusual break-in shows two young women allegedly sneaking into a Chinese restaurant and trying to whip up a meal. Well after closing hours, they walked into the Manhattan branch of Xi'an Famous Foods.

“Are we trespassing?” one can be heard asking the other. 

They entered the kitchen and began trying to prepare dumplings.

“I’ll stand guard. Who am I watching for?” one of them says.

One complains she's not exactly dressed for the occasion, telling her friend, “B**** I’m in Gucci shoes.”

They left before the dumplings were cooked, but took a bag of dumplings on their way out.

Jason Wang, who owns the restaurant, showed Inside Edition how he thinks the women got in.

“There was a power shortage to this lock and what happened is, it just opens,” Wang said. “We're upping our security systems. We're making sure that we have the right systems in place, everything's working correctly this time.”

Wang says the women reached out to him to apologize, and they paid $150 but he says he won't be satisfied until they publicly say they are sorry.

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