Unearthed Video Shows New York Attorney Aaron Shlossberg Is No Stranger to Racist Rants

Meanwhile, the Yelp page of Schlossberg's law firm has been flooded with 1-star reviews.

A newly unearthed video of New York City attorney Aaron Schlossberg shows that he has been caught in the midst of hate-filled rants before.

A video posted to social media in 2016 shows Schlossberg berating a complete stranger, who he dubbed an "ugly f***ing foreigner," on the sidewalk.

That man, Willie Morris, said he was taking a stroll with his girlfriend and was flabbergasted.

“It blew my mind," he said. "There is no way this is the same guy, there is no way this guy did this again,” he said in a video posted online. 

Morris, who is from Massachusetts and not an immigrant, says the lawyer walked into him on the street during the 2016 incident. 

The revelation followed a similar video this week that showed Schlossberg berating a manager of a midtown Manhattan restaurant with racist remarks after he heard two employees speaking Spanish to one another. 

“Every person I listen to — he spoke [Spanish], he spoke it, she’s speaking it — it’s America!" he told the manager in the video. "My guess is they’re not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country."

The manager tried to escort him out of the restaurant but Schlossberg, 42, wouldn’t stop. 

"If they have the balls to come here and live off of my money — I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here — the least they can do is speak English," he said. "If you intend on running a place in midtown Manhattan, the staff should be speaking English, not Spanish!"

Schlossberg was later identified after the video went viral. It turns out that he works in the office next to the restaurant. 

On Thursday, U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat, who serves New York’s 13th district, filed a formal complaint against the attorney in a letter to the Department Disciplinary Committee for the First Department. 

In the letter, Rep. Espaillat said, "We are filing this formal grievance to the State Grievance Committee because to affirm that such misconduct and behavior will not, and must never be tolerated."

More than 2,000 people have flooded his law firm's Yelp page with 1-star reviews. 

On Thursday morning, the attorney was wearing a black ski hat and donning a massive umbrella as he faced a barrage of reporters outside his office.