University of Alabama Punter Praises Trump After He Prays With Team: 'He Was Very Thankful'

It was a spontaneous moment initiated by the team's punter, JK Scott.

It was a moment of peace amid turmoil for President Trump as a team college football players offered to pray with him at the White House Tuesday.

The young men from the University of Alabama were invited to America's most famous address to celebrate their NCAA Football Championship win.

As the president mingled with the players on the South Lawn, they gathered around him, put their hands on his shoulders and bowed their heads in prayer Tuesday. 

The spontaneous prayer was initiated by the team's punter, JK Scott. 

"I asked him, 'Mr. Trump, would you be okay if I prayed over you,' and he said, 'Yeah, let’s go.' So I laid hands on him, everybody gathered around," he told Inside Edition. 

Scott said that he felt the president “had so much burden, so much stress."

He added: "Afterwards, he was very thankful, he said thank you and gave me a hug."

The prayer seems to have done the trick because Trump was much more upbeat when he joined famed attorney Alan Dershowitz for dinner.

They feasted on a ravioli appetizer, followed by a main course of Cornish hen. For dessert, they each enjoyed a fruit compote.

Dershowitz was part of O.J. Simpson’s so-called legal "dream team" during his 1995 murder trial.