University of Idaho Murders: Neighbor Dismissed Woman Screaming on Night of Incident

Could the Killer of 4 Idaho College Students Be an 'Incel'?

A neighbor told the Idaho Statesman he heard a woman screaming the night of the attacks but dismissed it.

A man who lives near the house where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death says he heard a woman screaming on the night of the murders.

Chef Inan Harsh, 30, told The Idaho Statesman newspaper he dismissed the scream as noise from a party.

“I didn’t think anything of it. After what happened I’ve definitely had second thoughts. Maybe it was not a party sound." he said.

Inside Edition is learning the house that became the scene of so much horror was also party central.

Police logs show cops were called to the house twice in one night in September over noise complaints. According to neighbors there were loud gatherings most weekends and dozens of guests gathered at the firepit behind the house. One neighbor says she "routinely had to wear earplugs to go to bed,” according to the Idaho Statesman.

Newsnation's Ashleigh Banfield has been following the case and says the party scene is important because it means a lot of people who had been guests may have known the layout of the house.

Photos inside the house after the murders show empty bottles and glasses like plastic cups, soup bowls, a medicine bottle, and a half-finished drink.  

The weekend of the murders, the party scene moved downtown because of a football game against UC Davis.  

Nancy Grace, host of “Crime Stories,” tells Inside Edition, “There was a full 16,000-seat stadium for a football game. There were a lot of people there. This house is just two blocks from campus. That widens the suspect pool.”

Meanwhile, Moscow, Idaho, staged a spectacular Christmas parade and tree lighting but with a somber twist. Some parade-goers hung touching tributes to the four murdered students.  

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