University of Louisville Activist and Writer Has Been Missing Since June 19

Photo of missing Quintez Brown smiling with suit and tie on

Quintez Brown, known in his city for advocating for police reform, has been missing since June 19.

A University of Louisville student has not been seen since June 19.

Quintez Brown is an activist for police reform and civil rights, and has contributed as an opinion writer for the Louisville Courier Journal. “Quintez is a born leader. I know I met him his freshman year in high school, and immediately when I met him, I knew this young man had a gift for serving his community.” said Antonio Taylor, Louisville community activist.

“He has organized many of the protests here in Louisville, especially when it comes to the Breonna Taylor protest. He was one of the young organizers. He is an activist, that's who he is at his core.”

Brown is 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 180 pounds, with tattoos on his upper arms and chest, and his family says he shaved his head and beard the day before he went missing. Authorities say his credit card was last used at a grocery store near the University of Louisville campus on June 19. 

“Quintez we love you, and until we find this young man, we are going to continue as a community to come together and make sure that this young man is found safe and not in harm’s way.” Taylor said.

“No matter how small you think that information may be, just get it to us. Let us know.”

Those close to him say this disappearance is out of character for Brown. “I don’t know what he’s going through, what state of mind he’s in, but this is not like him. He’s not that type of kid.” says Jacobe Daugherty, Quintez’s father.

“He’s a great kid. He’s a great young man. I just feel like he’s in a bad place. He needs his father. He needs his mother. He needs love.”

Quintez’s father and step-mother expressed during a virtual press conference that, although he has no history of mental illness, they feel Quintez may be in a mental health crisis.

“He’s all about community. He’s all about help. He’s all about change. He’s willing to do whatever he can for the next person.” the father said. 

“So all I ask is that everybody come together, as he would, and try to find him.”

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