Valet Gets Mixed Up, Gives Rapper DMX Wrong Corvette at LA Restaurant

Valet Gets Mixed Up, Gives DMX Another Person’s Corvette
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This time, he’s not slippin’.

This time, he’s not slippin’.

Rapper DMX drove off in the wrong Corvette, thanks to a mistake by a valet at a swanky Los Angeles restaurant Friday.

X, whose real name is Earl Simmons, dined with friends at STK, located inside the W Hotel.

At around 1 a.m., they left the restaurant and a member of Simmons' crew asked the valet to retrieve their car.

According to TMZ, that person did not have the ticket, but because the valet recognized the artist, he retrieved what he thought was Simmons' car.

While Simmons took off for a club on the Sunset Strip in the Corvette, the car’s actual owner came out and handed the valet his ticket for the car that was no longer in the lot. The valet fessed up to his mistake, and the owner called police to report their car stolen.

The valet reportedly knew exactly where the 48-year-old rapper was headed, and police were able to get the car back.

It is unclear if anyone involved will face any repercussions.