Vermont Man Who Lost Prosthetic Leg in Parachute Jump Gets It Back From Farmer Who Found It in Soybean Field

The double-amputee didn't notice one of his prosthetic limbs had fallen off during a parachute jump.

A Vermont man who lost one of his prosthetic legs during a parachute jump is very extremely grateful to a farmer who found the limb in his soybean field. "I think my adrenaline was so high and I was just so excited, I didn't realize I had lost it," Marckres told NECN this week.

Marckres, who is a double-amputee, had chronicled his daring feat on his Facebook page, in photos and videos. After discovering the loss of his expensive prosthesis, he took to social media again, asking for help in finding it.

Farmer Joe Marszalkowski saw the post, and began scouring his acreage. He ended up locating the leg. "It was literally a needle in a haystack as far as trying to find it," he told the station.

"I was very grateful to have found it without running it over with a machine this fall during harvest," Marszalkowski said. "Or, God forbid, the combine sucked it up — it would've destroyed it."

The artificial limb bore only a few scratches, he said.

"It was just such a positive experience," Marckres said of the outpouring of good wishes and people who volunteered to search their property. "I can't thank everybody enough, especially Joe. We kind of take for granted sometimes how many truly good people there still are in the world."

His post was shared more than 1,500 times, he wrote on Facebook. "9500 foot drop and it's 100% intact," he marveled.

Facebook/Chris Marckres