Veteran Who Has Trouble Standing Is Given Bathroom Upgrade to Honor His Service

Volunteers with Baths for the Brave remodeled Ron Bobincheck's bathroom.

A veteran in need was treated to a bathroom remodel to thank him for his service ahead of this Veterans Day.

Ron Bobincheck had been having trouble with his legs, which made showering difficult for the 76-year-old U.S. Army vet.

“I don’t take as many as I need, 'cause sitting down on a chair is not fun in the shower,” he told CBS Los Angeles.

Volunteers with Baths for the Brave sought out to change that, ripping out Bobincheck’s shower to make upgrades totaling about $12,000.

Crews put in a shower bench, replaced the fixtures and added a brand new door that bettered the shower’s accessibility and Bobincheck’s quality of life in the process.

“It just makes life a lot easier for me,” he said. “I’m really grateful for this.”

The renovation comes as a welcome piece of good news for Bobincheck, who lost his son in a traffic accident earlier this year and underwent triple bypass surgery in March.

As a veteran, we thought it would be nice to give back to him,” Bath for the Brave’s Anthony Nardo told CBS Los Angeles.

The efforts came as part of a nationwide effort to improve the lives of 11 veterans throughout the country.

Bobincheck appreciated the gift, but noted how important it was for people to mark this Veterans Day remembering all those who served their country.

“Without this military, we wouldn't be here; this wouldn't be America, cause the military gives you that freedom,” he said.