Veteran Who Lost Her Happiest Memories Due to TBI and PTSD Finds Help and Healing With Wounded Warrior Project

Sgt. Lisa Crutch's happiest memories escaped her, but she could recall every moment of an attack in Iraq in frightening detail.

What would you do if the happiest memories of your life suddenly vanished?

That's what happened to Sgt. Lisa Crutch, a soldier who manned machine guns in Iraq. Inside Edition teamed up with Wounded Warrior Project to learn why Crutch is among the many veterans who credit the organization's free services with helping them heal. 

Crutch was traveling by vehicle in Iraq one day when her convoy came under fire and she was thrown into the windshield. She survived and was treated for visible injuries before returning to the front lines, but didn't realize she'd sustained a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. 

When she came home to her family, she was not herself. One of her symptoms? Many of her happiest memories escaped her, but she could recall every frightening moment from her deployment. The horrifying details played in her mind on a loop. 

Eventually, Crutch got help and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in addition to the TBI. With the help of Wounded Warrior Project, Crutch said she was able to readjust to civilian life, identifying resources to treat her depression, allowing her to reconnect with her loved ones and make new happy memories.

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