Video Captures Armed Bandits Trying to Break In Before They're Scared Off by Family Dog

Little did they know, a woman and her 12-year-old son were home at the time.

Surveillance cameras caught three hooded, gun-toting thieves as they broke into a Milwaukee home Saturday night. 

The home's five security cameras were recording as they barged into the home. Little did they know, a woman and her son were inside. 

Edmundo Pena, 12, was playing video games at the time. 

"I heard the first bang and didn't know what it was," he told Inside Edition. "Then I heard the second and that's when I ran upstairs."

The "bangs" were the burglars breaking into the home.

As they entered, the child sprinted to his mother, Thevy, who was in her bedroom upstairs. 

"I saw him running toward me, screaming, 'Ma, somebody's trying to break in!’” Thevy told Inside Edition. 

The bandits headed to the stairs when the family dog started barking. At that point, they fled the house, grabbing a laptop on their way out.  

Thevy and her son went for safety on the balcony and said they would have jumped should things have gotten worse. They remain stunned by their experience. 

“I couldn't believe there were three men in my house,” she said. 

Milwaukee police are still looking for suspects.