Video Captures Frantic Mother in Desperate Bid to Save Her Children Dangling From Chair Lift

Adam Browning shot the harrowing footage at a ski resort in Indiana.

A rescue team helped save a girl seen dangling off a ski lift chair at an Indiana ski resort in a pulse-pounding video.

The footage shows two girls slipping out of the chair at Perfect North Slopes.

Their mother was also on the lift, trying to pull them back up while holding onto the chair herself.

“The whole time, the lady's kind of, you know, yelling for help," Adam Browning, who filmed the rescue, told Inside Edition. "You could tell she was really in a panic."

A group of rescuers from the resort arrived just in time with a round, red tarp that caught one of the girls as she fell 25 feet from the chair.

The other girl was eventually able to maneuver her way back onto the chair.