Video Shows Frances McDormand's Alleged Oscar Thief Terry Bryant as He's Exposed

Bryant was spotted by a photographer for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who stopped the alleged thief and got the award back.

Newly revealed footage shows the moment the accused Oscar thief was exposed.

Terry Bryant, 47, allegedly swiped Frances McDormand's Best Actress Academy Award during the Governor's Ball Sunday night.

But a sharp-eyed photographer working for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who catered the event, suspected something was amiss when he spotted Bryant, who was claiming to be an Oscar winner.

"Does that belong to that guy?" the photographer asks in the video.

"We have to go!" a man with Bryant says as they rush out.

After the moment caught on camera, the photographer reportedly stopped the alleged thief and got the Oscar back.

Bryant, who had posted video of himself with the award on Facebook Live, was arrested and charged with grand theft.

An Academy official gave the Oscar to Best Actor winner Gary Oldman, who posed with the award alongside his own. Officials then returned it to McDormand.

A series of mugshots obtained by Inside Edition shows Bryant following previous arrests. The mugshots were taken by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office between 1999 and 2002 for charges that included theft, criminal mischief and assault.

But authorities say Bryant had a ticket to the exclusive Governor's Ball, where VIPs mingle and enjoy cocktails and food. The Academy has not responded to questions about how Bryant got the ticket.

On his Instagram account, Bryant shows off photos with celebrities, including Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel, who later joked at Bryant's expense.

"What's the long-term plan when you steal an Oscar? Hope your friends didn't notice you didn't win Best Actress in 2018?" he quipped on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night.