Video Shows Patrick Frazee's Ex-Girlfriend Telling Cops Where He Killed Missing Fiancee Kelsey Berreth

The video, obtained by "48 Hours," shows Patrick Frazee's ex-girlfriend showing cops where he apparently beat Kelsey Berreth with a baseball bat.

Days after a jury found Patrick Frazee guilty of murdering his fiancee and mother to his child, Kelsey Berreth, who vanished last Thanksgiving, newly released video shows the room where the 29-year-old woman supposedly died.

The video, obtained by "48 Hours," shows Frazee's ex-girlfriendshowing cops where he beat Berreth with a baseball bat. 

"When I first walked in I saw blood all over the floor. I saw blood up the wall," Krystal Lee tells officers in the video.

She tells authorities that Frazee made her clean up the crime scene. "I had been instructed to try to wash things," she says.

Berreth was last seen near her Colorado home on Nov. 22, 2018. Surveillance video showed her shopping at a grocery store earlier in the day, with the couple's 1-year-old daughter. Berreth's mother reported her missing on Dec. 2, after days of being unable to reach her.

Lee, who is charged with tampering with evidence in connection with Berreth's disappearance, took the stand in Frazee's trial for Berreth's death. She told jurors that she and Frazee discussed the killing and he told her Berreth's last words, which were "please stop."

She said Frazee called her on Thanksgiving and said she needed to come over and clean up a mess at Berreth's condo. It took four hours to clean up the mess, she said. She did it, she said, to protect Berreth's daughter and mother.

"Her mom and that little girl never needed to see what Patrick did to her," she testified. "And I didn't know he was capable of that. I didn't think he was capable of what happened."

Lee said she filled six garbage bags with items including stuffed animals and couch pillows because she couldn't get the blood out of them. 

She feared Frazee would also harm her, she said, so she did as he asked. "I left little spots so that somebody would see it and it would raise suspicion about what had happened," she said.

Afterward, Lee said she met Frazee and he told her what happened. He said he told Berreth they were going to play a game, and he blindfolded her and then had her guess the scent of various candles, Lee testified. Then he hit her in the head with a baseball bat, she said.

"He just said he swung away, and that it was really hard," Lee told the court. The two took the trash bags and a container holding Berreth's body to Frazee's ranch, where he burned the contents, she said. 

Frazee gave her Berreth's cellphone and told her to get rid of it, Lee said. She burned it and disposed of it in Idaho, where she lives.

Lee also testified that Frazee had asked her three times to kill Berreth herself, saying Berreth was an abusive mother. Lee said she couldn't do it.