Video Shows Woman Going Berserk After Winning $11 in Trivia Game Craze

Lauren May is going bananas over HQ Trivia, a popular new smartphone game.

Lauren May, 32, beat out thousands of opponents around the world to win a smartphone trivia game, but perhaps her celebration was a bit much considering the prize: $11.

People are going crazy for HQ Trivia, a live game show app that's at your fingertips daily.

At 3 p.m. eastern every weekday and 9 p.m. every night, a million people sign in to play all at the same time.

“I will ask you 12 questions, multiple choice answers from easy to hard and you have 10 seconds to answer each question,” host Scott Rogowsky says in the app. “Get it wrong and you are eliminated. Get to the end and you share the prize."

HQ devotees are dropping everything to play. Office workers take a time out to compete together and even Jimmy Fallon plays with The Roots.

Rus Yusupov is the co-founder of the game. 

“Many play for months and get closer and closer to winning,” he said. 

For individuals, the prize money is pretty modest, usually less than $50 because all the winners share the grand prize equally.

But for May, beating a million people at trivia clearly appears to be one awesome feeling.