Vili Fualaau Gaining 'Perspective' After Separating From Ex and Former Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau


The ex-pair have two children together who they are co-parenting but live separately.

Since ex-married couple Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau have legally separated, 36-year-old Fualaau is reportedly starting to process his relationship with his once-teacher who sexually abused him beginning at age 12. The ex-pair have two children together who they are co-parenting, but live separately.

Fualaau initially filed for a legal separation in 2017, but they tried to reconcile before their separation became final in February 2019.

"He's starting to get some perspective," a source close to Fualaau told People. "He sees things clearly now, and realizes that this wasn't a healthy relationship from the start.”

Their relationship started when Letourneau, who was Fualaau’s sixth-grade teacher at the time, began a sexual relationship with the then 12-year-old in Seattle. The former teacher got pregnant twice by Fualaau before he was 15.

Letourneau, now 58, was eventually arrested for child rape and served more than seven years in prison, but when she got out of jail in 2005, the pair married. Letourneau, though, had to register as a sex offender in Washington state.

Fualaau has reportedly gained new perspective since the split.

"After the split, he started really going over things in his mind," the source also told "Just thinking about how they met, and how that affected how they interacted as adults. He was never really a full-fledged partner; he was always secondary. He sees that now.”

The source said that Fualaau finally feels like an adult.

“… That feels good for him,” they added.

Fualaau had once told Inside Inside Edition he wasn't a victim. "I’m not ashamed of being in love with Mary Kay," he previously said.