Village People Founder Is 'Elated' About 'YMCA's' Resurgence in Popularity

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The Village People’s classic disco anthem “YMCA” has been a near-constant presence at President Donald Trump’s recent rallies. But this weekend, crowds across America sang “YMCA” to mock the president, and to cheer Joe Biden’s victory, in a reclamation of sorts.

Victor Willis, who founded the Village People and plays the police officer, spoke to Inside Edition about his reaction to hearing Trump was using the song at his campaign rallies.

“Well first, I was uncomfortable. And then, I got elated. I was excited to see how so many people are enjoying the song," Willis said.

Two weeks ago, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the song. And last weekend, they were at it again, as Alec Baldwin played the defeated president singing a melancholy version of “Macho Man.”

Both songs are now back on the charts.

When asked if the “YMCA” could be a healing song for the nation, Willis said, “I think it is. I think it’s doing that. Bringing people together on both sides.”


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