Volunteer Firefighter Groom Leaves Wedding as Duty Calls, Returns for Reception

His new wife thought it was a totally selfless gesture.

A Minnesota firefighter responded to the call of duty, even if it meant leaving his own wedding

Jeremy Bourasa, 39, had just said “I do” to bride Krista Boland, when he received a call about a house fire.

“Once the ceremony had just gotten done, we were taking pictures and we got call for a fire at a house,” Bourasa told InsideEdition.com. "You could hear the guys at the house calling for more people. [My wife and I] looked at each other and she said, 'just go.'"

The groom headed to the fire, spending more than two hours with other members of the St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department.

“Someone’s home was in flames, so in that moment, they needed him more than I did," Krista said.

They were able to get the blaze out and no one was injured. Bourasa then changed back into his wedding clothes and returned to his reception, just in time for dinner.

“I received a standing ovation," Bourasa said of the moment he entered the reception hall. 

Krista said she felt extremely proud of her husband’s selflessness.

"It’s about knowing when to put someone else before yourself," Krista said. "I would hope that anyone would do the same in my position. It was the perfect day for us. It ended up being so beautiful, I wouldn’t change a thing."