Walruses Plummet to Their Deaths in Shocking Video Featured on Netflix Docu-Series 'Our Planet'

Inside Edition spoke to wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin about the "tragic" footage.

It's a heartbreaking sight: walruses plummeting to their deaths from a high cliff

The scene, featured on Netflix's docu-series "Our Planet," is sparking plenty of uproar online. Producers of the acclaimed new series blame climate change for devastating images, saying that dwindling sea ice is forcing the animals onto smaller and smaller pieces of land. 

"These are creatures that require ice to survive," wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin told Inside Edition. "But now 70 percent of that ice is gone."

Corwin has worked with orphaned walruses in the past and says they are incredibly smart. 

"I've actually seen babies use their flippers to unscrew the bolts in order to come out of their enclosures to be hugged and bottle-fed," Corwin said.

But some have accused the producers of the series of sensationalizing the tragedy using slow-motion video and dramatic music. 

Viewers upset by the scene are flooding social media.

"I can't stop crying after watching this," one person wrote.

Asked what he would say to those who argue that it's too hard to watch, Corwin said it's necessary viewing.

"This is life," Corwin said. "Even in a perfect case scenario, life for a walrus is incredibly hard."