Wandering Herd of Elephants in China Spotted Sliding Down Hills and Destroying Crops

The elephants are cute, but destructive, so farmers in their wake are not loving them.

A herd of elephants sledding? It’s not common, but it did happen recently. The rambunctious herd of 14 has been spotted roaming around China’s Yunnan Province.

But they’re a different group than the famous herd of elephants who’ve been traveling across China for the past several months.

The sledding crew appears to be having fun sliding down hills and snacking on sugarcane, the elephant equivalent of going out for ice cream.

But farmers in their wake are not loving them. It’s no surprise, as the huge mammals have been tearing up crops wherever they go. 

Elephants eat 16 hours a day, and an adult elephant can take in 300 pounds of food in that time.

Wildlife protection authorities monitor the pachyderms’ path with drones and let people know if the elephants are near. Because no one wants to be at the bottom of the hill when an elephant is on its way down. 

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