Was Meghan Markle's Dress Too Big? Critics Say Gown Was Too Loose

But fashion guru Carson Kressley praised the gown.

Meghan Markle looked stunning on her wedding day, but some self-appointed fashion police on social media said her dress didn’t fit right, a belief that was echoed by singer Katy Perry, who said she needed one more fitting.

The new Duchess of Sussex wore a Givenchy haute couture gown but many believe there was excess fabric around the arm and the waist. 

"It just wasn't a clean, crisp fit and looked a bit loose," tweeted one viewer.

"Plain and simple is fine but it didn't fit," said another. 

Some even suggested the gown could have used some last-minute work.

If the princess had wanted any additional alterations, they could have been done as late as the morning of the ceremony.   

Inside Edition spoke to Mara Urshel, the owner of the Kleinfeld Bridal boutique, where last-minute alterations are nothing new.

"Nothing is impossible," she said. "We can make alterations right up to the wedding date and when they come in and all of sudden they feel like they want it tighter, or looser, not a problem. It is as simple as taking out a seam on a sleeve if they want the feel to be a little bit tighter and zipping it up and making it happen."

It could be that the duchess didn't want something so tight and preferred a bit of roominess to allow her to walk up and down stairs and sit comfortably during the ceremony.

Fashion guru Carson Kressley praised the gown.

“It was simple and chic and elegant, and I think most importantly, it was modern.”