Was Melania Trump's Medical Condition More Serious Than Previously Believed?

The first lady may have had complications as a result of the surgery to treat a benign kidney condition.

Was the first lady's medical crisis more serious than Americans have been led to believe?

President Trump revealed Friday that Melania is still recovering from the kidney procedure she underwent three weeks ago.

"Can't fly for one month, the doctors say," he said as he left for the G7 summit in Canada. "She had a big operation that was close to a four-hour operation and she's doing great."

But Dr. Nancy Simpkins told Inside Edition she didn't know what to make of the Trump's explanation. 

"We don't know if it was a complication of the original procedure — whether they had to actually go in for a surgical procedure — but it does seem to be more serious than originally told to us."

On May 15, the White House announced Melania had minor surgery for a "benign kidney condition," which is usually an outpatient procedure.

But Dr. Simpkins said the first lady may have suffered complications, including severe pain, bleeding, blood clots or an infection.

Melania finally reemerged publicly Wednesday, but has been absent since.

The first lady of Japan was in Washington D.C., Thursday but Melania didn't spend any time with her, according to reports.