Washington Capitals Player Brett Connolly Tries 3 Times to Make Sure Young Fan Gets a Puck

After the first two attempts went to boys in the crowd, Connolly was determined to get the little girl her very own souvenir.

Playoff hockey brings plenty of drama on the ice but one young fan's sadness turned to utter joy Sunday night as a player tried multiple times to get her a puck.

Before Game 2 of the playoffs against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Washington Capitals' right wing Brett Connolly spotted a young fan in the audience and tried to toss her a puck, but it was snatched by an adult who passed it to a boy next to her.

The girl appeared heartbroken. 

On the second attempt, Connolly returned and threw another puck over the glass. This time, the same adult grabbed it and handed it to another boy. 

Again, the girl looked upset, and Connolly banged on the glass in frustration. 

When Connolly tried for a third time, the girl was elated as the puck finally wound up in her hands. 

Sadly for the young girl and the rest of the Caps' fans, the Blue Jackets took the victory and now lead the series 2-0.