Watch As Professor Says He Was Body Slammed By Campus Cop At Board Meeting

The teacher St. Louis Community College says he was unjustly manhandled.

A college professor says he was unjustly slammed to the ground by campus cop during a board meeting last week and that the incident was caught on video.

Steven Taylor, 53, said he signed up to speak at the board meeting, where a "no applause" rule had been put in place for speakers.

Taylor told KMOV he stood to object and say the rule applied to administrators but not the teachers. 

Taylor was then grabbed by an STLCC police officer from behind and a brief struggle followed, video appears to show.

Taylor is accused of approaching the dais too aggressively, at which point the school says he was told to leave.

When that didn't happen, the school says police took Taylor to the floor.

Taylor was reportedly handcuffed and suffered a small abrasion to his face. He complained of pain before he asked to be taken to a hospital, police said.

"I was driven into the concrete floor... my feet were brushed out from underneath me. I was rammed. His full body went on top of me into the cement floor," Taylor told KMOV.

In a statement, college leaders said that "disruptive outbursts undermine the process of conducting business in a transparent and respectful manner."

Taylor, an adjunct math professor at the school's Wildwood campus, claims he's "essentially been fired" since the incident.