Week-Old Baby Rhino Plays in the Sand After Daytime Birth Shocked Zoo Visitors

Zoo's new baby rhino is having a great time
Chester Zoo

This bouncing baby boy was born right before zoo-goers eyes.

The rhino that was born right before the eyes of amazed England zoo visitors is now a bouncing baby boy.

The Eastern black rhino came rather unexpectedly Aug. 2 at the Chester Zoo when his mom, 12-year-old Malindi, went into labor during the day.

It was not a typical occurrence for the species, which usually gives birth in private at night or in the early morning.

But this active little guy is clearly a big ham and the Chester Zoo has shared video of him doing what he does best: running, playing and loving his mama.

Sadly, conservationists now fear that less than 650 Eastern black rhinos remain across Africa, with the animals listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

"We just hope this new calf helps us to raise some much needed attention to this truly magnificent species, and inspires urgent action to protect their future on this planet," the zoo wrote in a release.