Weinstein Juror Says She Hopes Guilty Verdict Will Give Victims Closure

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She was known as Juror #2 in the sexual assault trial of producer Harvey Weinstein. Now she's speaking out about the deliberations in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, saying she hopes the verdict will give his alleged victims closure.

"Tensions were very high. Everyone was nervous," the juror told Inside Edition. "All I can say is that the temperature in the room was very high."

The jury found Weinstein guilty of raping actress Jessica Mann and sexually assaulting former production assistant Miriam Haleyi. Despite the testimony of Sopranos' actress Annabella Sciorra, they found him not guilty of the most serious charge of predatory sexual assault, which could have carried a life sentence in prison.

The juror recalled the moment when they all reached a decision.

"My hands were sweating. I felt like my heart was literally going to pop out of my chest. It was just, I wouldn't say nerve-wracking, but it was just, 'this is it, this is the moment.'"

She also shared her reaction to being shown naked photos of Weinstein as part of the evidence presented.

"I tried to block it out," she said. "It was presented to us, so it wasn't something that we could have blocked out, but it's hard not to make a face."

The juror said that Sciorra's testimony was convincing to a lot of the jurors. "The way things went for her, it was wrong," she said.

Still, she hopes that the verdict can still give her some type of closure and has a lot of respect for the accusers who took the stand.

"Every last woman that took the stand, I wish them the best. I hope this is now a chapter that they can close and move forward with their lives now."


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