Wendy Williams Leaving Sober Living House

The talk show host said living in the home helped her sort things out as she deals with a divorce from her husband of 22 years.

Wendy Williams is ready to start her new life after it was announced she and her husband of nearly 22 years are divorcing. 

The talk show host said that dealing with her addiction issues has been a blessing in disguise.  

On Monday’s show, she took to her popular “Hot Topics” section to address the divorce head-on for the first time. 

“It’s crazy ’cause now my business is your business,” Williams joked. “It’s kind of funny. Turnabouts a fair game, I get it.”

Williams said that living in the sober living facility since March without TV and or a phone forced her to deal with her marriage.

“It’s one of the best things, honestly, that could’ve ever happened to me because, when you think about your life, you think about how you’ve been delivering to the world,” she said.

“Everybody has things in their life that they’re embarrassed to share with the world, or they’re frightened to share with the world, or they’re not ready to share with the world and addressing my sobriety, my addiction, head on has really helped me sort out every single compartment of my life," Williams added.

It was announced last week that she and Kevin Hunter are splitting. She said her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is now her No. 1 priority. 

Williams also said that she is moving out of the sober house “in a few days.” 

“It’ll be Wendy on her own,” she said.