What Does Baby India's Future Hold?

Inside Edition looks at other heartbreaking cases of abandoned babies.

There is an outpouring of love across America for so-called Baby India, who was left to die in a plastic bag, prompting more than 1,000 people offering to adopt her.

There are many other heartbreaking stories of abandoned babies, though in many of those other cases the mothers took some measures to make sure their newborns survived.  

Cops say a woman gave birth in a Tucson airport bathroom in 2018, leaving the newborn behind. A note was found with the baby, written as if the boy himself took pen to paper. 

"Please help me. My mom had no idea she was pregnant. She is unable and unfit to take care of me. Please get me to the authorities so they can find me a good home."

In 1986, a baby was abandoned in the bathroom of a Burger King in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She was just 2 hours old.  

Nearly 30 years later, Katheryn Deprill went on a quest to find her mom posting a message on Facebook. Her mother saw the appeal and actually came forward in 2014. 

She was born inside the Burger King; her mother kissed her on her forehead and left, calling it the hardest thing she ever had to do. 

Deprill said she's forever thankful she was not just tossed in the trash or, as appears to have happened to India, left to die in a garbage bag.

Luckily, India has a bright future ahead of her.