What Happened to Annie McCarrick? Investigator Travels to Ireland to Identify Main Suspect in 1993 Cold Case

The team say it is “one last roll of the dice” in trying to crack the case and claim to have “identified a prime suspect” in the disappearance of the 26-year-old waitress from Long Island, New York.

Annie McCarrick began living in Ireland full time in 1993, that same year she went missing.

American private investigators looking into the 1993 cold case killing of Annie McCarrick, a New York woman killed in Ireland, say they believe they have identified the prime suspect in the murder. Michael Griffith, a New York-based lawyer hired by the the victim’s family to assist with the investigation following the murder, and Kenneth Strange, an ex-FBI agent, believe that they have uncovered new evidence, which could potentially lead to a breakthrough.

McCarrick moved to Ireland in 1987 and began studying in Dublin.

She returned to the U.S. in 1990 for her master’s degree, but in 1993, returned to live full-time in Ireland.

McCarrick was last seen taking a bus to Enniskerry on March 26, 1993, just two months after permanently moving to the country. She told a friend she planned to go to the Wicklow Mountains for the day.

John McCarrick passed in 2009 without ever knowing what happened to his daughter.
Griffith traveled to Ireland earlier this month and met with authorities about the investigation and announced they will share information with one another to help crack the case.

"We spent almost two hours talking about the case and we have agreed to share information," Griffith told the Irish Independent.

Griffith added that one person is believed to have information he and the others on the case need.

"In the case of this person, the details provided could lead to the breakthrough we need. They gave specifics relating to one individual that warrants careful investigation,” he told the Irish Independent. “The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together.”

In July, the team said it is “one last roll of the dice” in trying to crack the disappearance of the 26-year-old waitress.

Investigators at the time had the theory that she visited Johnnie Fox’s pub in Dublin. A woman matching her description was seen in the company of an unidentified man wearing a waxed jacket.

Griffith said in July he and the team have uncovered a witness, whose statement which places the American transplant in a cafe in Enniskerry and not at the pub, and have identified “one main suspect” as a result.

Now, Griffith says the one witness, who has since died, never gave a formal statement, but told her daughter about what she saw, which was that an unidentified man approached the
American and offered to buy her a slice of cake.

He said that the investigators were now focused on one particular suspect and urged anyone with information to get in touch.