What Happened to Gloria Alvarado? 15-Year-Old Vanished Overnight and Left Cell Phone Behind, Mom Says

Gloria Alvarez's mom Tina Alvarado said she went to wake her daughter up for school one morning and discovered her gone. Tina also found her daughter's bedroom window open with the screen cut out.

Where is 15-year-old Gloria Maria Alvarado? The straight-A teen from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan was discovered missing when her mom went to wake her up for school one Monday morning, and found her bedroom empty with the window open and the screen cut out, with Gloria’s cell phone left behind.

“Her phone was on her pillow and she was gone,” her mom Tina Alvarado said, according to the News-Herald. “We have been looking for her ever since.”

On Thursday, more than 100 family members and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil, praying for her safe return.

The last time Tina saw her daughter was the night of Sunday, Nov. 1, before she went to bed.

“She’s been missing 12 days already” she said. “We don’t sleep. We barely eat. It’s too hard. We just want her home. We want Gloria to come back home.”

Ever since Gloria vanished, her dad Ramon searches for her day and night. “We drive around all night. All day, all night,” he said. “I miss my baby.”

Tina and Ramon’s room is right next to Gloria’s, but she said they didn’t hear any noises the night she disappeared.

Gloria is also not someone who would run away, she said. “Gloria is basically a homebody. We do stuff as a family,” Tina said. “She’s a straight-A student. She was in the band at her school, and she had been cheerleading since she was 5 years old.”

The Taylor Police Department is investigating her disappearance. Authorities claim they have footage from a neighbor’s security camera that shows a car pulling up in front of the family’s home that evening around 1 a.m., and a man getting out, although it is unclear if that is connected to Gloria’s disappearance.

Gloria is 5-foot-2, weighs about 168 pounds and might have been wearing pink and white Air Jordan shoes.

Authorities and the family are asking anyone with information to come forward and contact Detective Andrew Snaveley at 737-287-6611, ext. 2007.