What Happened to the Original Couch From 'Roseanne'?

Inside Edition is on the case to find the original sofa that appeared on the show in the 80s and 90s.

Roseanne Barr has set the record straight for who is behind the monumental success of her revived TV classic: Roseanne Barr.

“It’s all me!” Barr said with a laugh as a photographer asked for her thoughts on President Trump taking credit for the show’s ratings.

Last week’s "Roseanne" revival premiere drew in 25 million viewers, topping that of the show's finale 21 years ago.

"You do have a lot of fans," the photographer continued. “Do you think he had a little part in it all?”

“What? I love my fans!” Barr replied. “Stop doing that, I already got a headache. Now go find your mother."

Trump personally reached out to Barr to congratulate her on the reboot’s impressive ratings, which he later claimed was because of him.

“I got a call from Mark Burnett — he did ‘The Apprentice' — he’s a great guy. He said, ‘Donald, I called just to say hello, and to tell you: Did you see Roseanne’s ratings?’ I said, 'Mark, how big were they?’ They were unbelievable! Over 18 million people! And it was about us! They haven’t figured it out! The fake news hasn’t quite figured it out yet... but they will, and when they do, they’ll become much less fake," Trump said during a speech on infrastructure in Richfield, Ohio, Thursday. 

Fans of "Roseanne" tuned in to watch the Conner family reunite in their iconic living room, with many noticing the original plaid couch had been replaced with an updated version.

Though John Goodman recently told Jimmy Kimmel the Smithsonian had the original, Inside Edition has learned it is actually in a Los Angeles warehouse.

The familiar couch — and crocheted afghan that adorned its back — are now part of a private collection of TV memorabilia.


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