Flashback: Watch Mike Tyson Play With His Pet Tiger and Hang Out With Roseanne Barr in 1996

In 1996, Mike Tyson spoke to Rosanne Barr for a special Inside Edition interview.

The story originally aired in 1996.

Twenty one years ago, Mike Tyson was on the comeback trail and ready to retake the throne of the boxing world when he opened his doors to flaunt his lavish lifestyle, including his pet white Bengal tiger.

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Inside Edition was there as comedian and actress Rosanne Barr toured the champ’s 11,000-square-foot Las Vegas home, and conducted her very first interview.

Tyson purchased the home shortly after his 1995 release from prison, where he had served nearly three years following a rape conviction. He paid more than $5 million for the sprawling mansion.

The boxer converted to Islam while behind bars and decorated his home with art that reflected his faith.

“I wanted to have something that represented what I really believe in,” he said.

Long before his breakout role in The Hangover, Tyson had a great love of tigers. As he and Barr toured the grounds, he entered his pet tiger’s cage and played with the large cat, hugging, wrestling and playing with a ball.

“One minute, he will try and take a chunk out of you, and then the next minute, he will try and lick you,” he said. “You have got to be very cautious with him.”

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Barr stopped in her tracks when she got the man known as "Iron Mike," to gush about his then-newborn daughter, Rayna.

"My children will be the first generation, probably, of Tyson’s that were never on welfare,” he said. "To me, that is a big thing."

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