What It's Like to Be 1 of 36 Pregnant Nurses in the NICU

One nurse talked about the feeling of having co-workers to experience motherhood with.

There's a baby boom at this Kansas City hospital. But not the kind you might expect.

At Children's Mercy Hospital, 36 NICU nurses are all giving birth this year.

Nurse Allison Ronco said it's nice to have the camaraderie around her.

"Motherhood and figuring it all out, especially the first time, is hard enough as it is. To have this group, you truly are not doing it alone," she told Inside Edition.

Beth Jackson laughed about the jokes hospital visitors would make.

"The parents would joke when they see so many pregnant people walking around, like, 'Do you have to be pregnant to work here?'" she said.

And when one of their own babies ended up in the NICU, all the nurses rallied together.

Sarah Carboneau said her son Ben was born with a heart defect, calling it "crazy" that he ended up in the ward where she works.

"But being with all these ladies and them as my nurses and taking care of Ben and having their love and support, it was so overwhelming," she said.