What It's Like to Survive the Garlic Festival Shooting After Also Living Through the Las Vegas Massacre

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Survivors of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre got caught in the in the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting last weekend, and they spoke to Inside Edition about facing terror twice. 

Alicia Olive said that it was her heightened sense of alert from having survived the Las Vegas shooting that helped her get herself and others onto a bus to hide during the Gilroy shooting last weekend.

“Friends thought it was fireworks but I knew it wasn't,” she said. “I saw people running but they were kind of not sure and I said, ‘We got to go.’ I am editing what I really said but I said, ‘We got to go. We got to go.’”

Chris Cook, who also survived the Las Vegas shooting, was right by Olive’s side, along with his brother George, who is in a wheelchair and was at the Route 91 Festival in Vegas as well. 

“Wow, not again,” Cook said. 

They met through a Las Vegas shooting survivors group.

For Olive, the garlic festival was supposed be a big day of celebration.

“It was huge in that I finally could smile again,” she said. 

During the Vegas shooting, Olive fell and chipped her teeth. The day before the Gilroy festival, she'd finally had her teeth fixed.

“It's scary because if we can live through two mass shootings, I mean, that means anybody can be involved and that is terrifying,” she said. 

Olive and Cook attended a candle light vigil for the three shooting victims of the Gilroy shooting. 


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