What Lisa Guerrero Learned About Her Background When She Took the MyHeritage DNA Test

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Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero knows how to track down the truth. Now she's learning fascinating information about herself. 

Inside Edition teamed up with MyHeritage and its expert, Rafi Mendelsohn, to find out exciting information about Guerrero's family background. 

"I took the MyHeritage DNA test," Guerrero said. "My mom was from Chile and my dad is from the U.S., so I'm very curious about my results."

After performing a quick cheek swab at home using the test, Guerrero sent it off to be analyzed to find out about her ethnic origins and relatives around the world who share the same DNA. 

The results were surprising. 

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"Your DNA shows that you have a variety of origins, including 46% Irish, Scottish and Welsh, 28.7% Mesoamerican and Andean, and 17.5% Balkan," said Mendelsohn.

"And it’s not only your origins we’ve uncovered," he continued. "Because we have users all around the world, we've discovered that you have 2,300 DNA matches based in over 25 countries!"

Guerrero also used MyHeritage to build a family tree with over 140 relatives dating back over 300 years, according to Mendelsohn. 

"Since you now know your ethnic roots, you can learn more about your family history in those regions too," he said, showing Guerrero a beautiful old picture of her grandfather, Raul, who was very active in the Salvation Army.

"DNA testing is simple and easy to do," Mendelsohn said. "With just a quick cheek swab anyone can make meaningful, emotional discoveries."

He added: "MyHeritage is the best place for this. It's simple and affordable. Go to MyHeritageDNA.com and enjoy an exclusive coupon for free shipping with code 'INSIDE.'"


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